Endangered Animals that will Soon Lose their Existence on Earth

Animals are very important creatures that helps our ecosystem and even us, humans. However, do people value these animals’ existence? There had been some news that spread every corner of the Earth. What is it? It is about the extinction of some special animals. A lot of animals are continually becoming endangered species. How did they become extinct? It’s all because of humans. People became very abusive to these certain animal species. Now, what are the animals that will soon no longer exist on Earth?

Philippine Eagle. Throughout the world, the Philippine Eagle was regarded as one of the most powerful eagle that had existed. It is also one of the largest in the record. However, the sad fact is that this kind of animal species was recorded in the list of “most endangered animals”.

Javan Rhinoceros. If these animals will not be protected, soon it will no longer exist. In other words, it will soon become extinct. But thankfully, they are being kept in a National Park in Indonesia.

Baiji Dolphin. This is found in China. It is one of the most endangered species and it might already became extinct since there were no dolphins of this kind that was detected.

Grey-Shanked Douc Langur. This is commonly found in Vietnam. However, news spread out that these animal had become an endangered species.

Iberian Lynx. This is one of a kind animal species. It’s a wild cat found in the Iberian Peninsula. This wild cat has amazing eyesight that can spot its prey very easily. But, this is becoming more seriously endangered.